HEY, nice to MEET  YOU

Hey everyone, I’m Ben! My biggest passion is hiking mountains and exploring our country’s National Parks. The outdoors and Photography go hand in hand for me. I have aspirations to travel the world while capturing it's many wonders. I love my family, friends, and animals above all else.

A word to describe Ruth:


Hi! I’m Ruth ! I am a big lover of the outdoors and being out in fresh air. I try not to take life too seriously and enjoy the journey. I have a huge sweet tooth so I will be finding the dessert table at your wedding . I love winter and cozy fires and going on road trips with this guy ->

A word to describe Ben:


We’re Ben and Ruth! We are an engaged couple who lives for life’s quality time with our family, friends, and even total strangers who become friends. We met in 2019, in Northwest Ohio, not knowing we had only lived 30 minutes away from each other our entire lives. We started one conversation about hiking and the rest is history. We are still constantly talking about hikes we want to do and places we want to explore, we always have something fun up our sleeves. That's what life's about, right? 

While Ruth may have started W&W on her own when she was just a junior in high school, Ben was discovering he had the desire to document his favorite moments in life with a camera as well. We have both always loved sharing sweet memories and amazing views with loved ones, so it's awesome that we now get to provide people with these same keepsakes.



07 /Ruth calls every dog she meets, a puppy, no matter the age

08 / We get married in September 2023!!

09 / Ben LOVES a good challenge

10 / It's Ben's yearly tradition to watch  "The Lord of the Rings"  trilogy

01 / We love all things outdoor activities!

02 / Ben has been to 26 US National Parks

03 / Ruth spent three months camping in Patagonia right out of high school

04 /Ben's dream destination is New Zealand

05 / Ruth HAS to put garlic on everything she cooks.. I know  we have a garlic fanatic on our hands

06 / We roadtrip to Grand Teton National Park every year

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